The Servizi Italia Group has always been much focused on the issues related to corporate sustainability and social responsibility. Servizi Italia published its first Sustainability Report in 2010, and each year it improves its attention and commitment in aspects such as climate change and respect to nature.

In Brazil all the laundries are steam run coming from renewable resources.

The internationalization, according to Servizi Italia, does not only mean to export a business model and know-how, but also to export a virtuous system of values, that is why we are concerned with ensuring that all our foreign subsidiaries have their own Code of Conduct, elaborated according to the criteria of Corporate Social Responsibility developed and consolidated along the years.

Ethics and work conditions are fundamental aspects to us, as we strongly believe that people who work daily to consolidate our presence in the market are our most important asset.

The Servizi Italia Group has a corporate structure which is aimed at ensuring safety of processes, customers’ satisfaction, healthand safety pollution prevention according to current norms and regulations.