Servizi Italia Group has recently decided to widen its offer of services in Brazil, including sterilization of textile and surgical instruments. By expanding the range of services, we can now offer global integrated solutions to the healthcare sector.

Sterilization activities include fabrics (i.e. surgical drapes and gowns and any fabric that is necessary in the Surgery Room) as well as surgical instruments.

Sterilization occurs in a dedicated facility (Central Sterile Services Department), where dirty material is collected at the hospital and taken to the CSSD to be washed, reconditioned and rearranged in kits or sets, packaged and then sterilized according to the current regulations.

The process is fully tracked through a traceability software that enables an automatic identification of each device, at any stage.


We use the most advanced technology and benchmark standards for sterilization of surgical drapes and scrubs.

The textiles are tracked by RFID chips to allow the automatic identification of each item and to simplify the recomposition of kits.

The kits are recomposed according to hospital instructions related to surgeons’ specific needs.


Sterilization of medical devices is performed at the CSSD, placed locally or externally. The sterilization operators control the process according to the standard regulation, so as to guarantee a safe and high-quality service. All activities connected to the sterilization process are monitored by the traceability software, which allows the automatic identification of each stage and each item.

Sterilization services have the highest added value and highest technological innovation. The Servizi Italia Group has several years of experience in this field, always ensuring a flawless, safe and efficient service to its customers.