Servizi Italia Group is present in Brazil since 2012 and it is now a benchmark in hospital laundry services thanks to its cooperation with local partners and intensive investments in technology and innovation.

The acquisition of 50% of Lavsim Higienização Têxtil S.A. and 50.1% of Maxlav Lavanderia Especializada S.A. and Vida Lavanderias Especializadas S.A., all of them active in São Paulo State, brought know-how and technologies which had never been used in the country before, and which contributed to meaningfully change the market, bringing substantial improvement in the offered service.

In 2015, Servizi Italia acquired the remaining 50% of Lavsim and 100% of the Brazilian laundry Aqualav.Thanks to those transactions, it became one of the benchmark players in São Paulo State.

During 2020, Servizi Italia Group acquired the remaining 49.9% of Maxlav Lavanderia Especializada S.A.  and Vida Lavanderias Especializadas S.A., and built its first CSSD headquartered in Jaguaré and whose target is to begin to offer sterilization services (both textile and surgical instruments).

Currently, Lavsim is one of the most advanced laundry in the country, able to manage bigger quantities of materials with higher agility and considerable optimization of costs and resources. In just some years, we went from about 18 tons of washed linen per day in one single plant to the current average quantity of 130 tons per day in a total of four plants. And, in addition to the washing services, we also offer rental services, available with high-quality standards.




customers, including hospitals, clinics, outpatient department, Emergency Room Units, Elderly Companion Care program and Elderly Care Centers.

Average cleansing per day
in tons
130 tons/day

Productive area
15,783.22 m2

São Roque – São Paulo State
Jaguariúna – São Paulo State
Poá – São Paulo State